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Energy Conscious

Company: Energy Conscious
Target Audience: Contractors, particularly those in the DMV area
Objective: To increase website conversions and sales; to make sure information on website is accurate and plentiful so that customers will take no issue with the product when it arrives

Paid Google Marketing: Used Google Adwords to optimise the return on the money being spent. Went through almost 10,000 products twice a week to ensure that no money was wasted in the campaign. When I started, the 10,000 products were groups into about 50 different ad groups. When I left, I had broken everything down into hundreds of ad groups, customising the bids towards specific products. I was able to increase revenue by almost 50% and mROI by 41%.
Unpaid Marketing: Used SEO to increase revenue by 65% and transactions by 50%. Customers purchasing products were highly satisfied with the information provided on the website, which helped decreased returns and improve customer satisfaction.
Facebook: Used paid Facebook advertising to gain traffic to the website. After using different target audiences, people with interests in contracting were the most active audience on the Facebook. This affected brand visibility as well since Facebook became an increasingly popular referral for customers. Most Facebook traffic was "see-through" visits rather than direct visits.
Pinterest: Pinterest following increased by 40% and activity was significantly improved. The site also became a recurring referral for customers and it had not been so before. Pinterest ads were considered but ultimately never implemented due to the significant cost, but it would have been interesting to see paid advertising on such a successful platform.
Instagram: Started our company’s Instagram account to increase visibility. Used free methods to generate activity rather than paid methods. Saw minimal effect on the website's referrals, but in retrospect, a better Instagram presence may have changed that.
Twitter: Revived the company's Twitter account and increased activity on the account. However this did not result in an increase in website traffic.
YouTube: Created video ads and a trade show video to increase brand awareness and website traffic. I had to learn how to film, edit and publish a video in a day, and this was the result. Traffic did not increase much, which was a disappointment. However, learning how to create a video and doing so in less than 24 hours was a success for me.

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